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Saturday, 31 October 2009

as i have have the burner lit i thought i'd try out a little cooking :)

normal ultra light weight food is basic to say the least (in my experience!) so i thought i'd cook a pasta and dried peas stew with a little seasoning and a nice chicken breast (cut up)
ok not ultra light but during three or so months of walking pot noodle is gonna get really dull!.
Having already primed the stove (see previous post) I set the breast and rice and seasoning into half a pot of water and left it too boil.
After reaching a rolling boil i took the pan from the heat (used about 25ml of meths outside with no wind shield) and put my home made pot cosy on and left it to simmer off the stove.
30 mins later i checked the food and all was cooked still steaming hot!

OK heston blumenthal may not have been impressed (Bunny!!!) but this is wholesome and different camping food which Alfie thoroughly enjoyed! lol! Ruth had made mousaka for tea!
I've been testing my cooking gear today!
a little experiment with my wee vargo meths burning stove and pre priming the meths seems to have worked wonderfully at speeding up meths evaporation and should mean i use less meths without carrying any more gear.
my method is simply to pour a tiny amount of meths into the lid my stove is standing on in the picture and light it, this then heats the meths in the stove and causes the meths to evaporate quickly thus causing little jets of flame to shoot from the burner and enabling cooking to start more rapidly.

Alfie in his waterproof jacket essential for keeping the inside of the tent dry and nothing to do with me being overprotective!
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Alfie testing his fleece for those cold nights in the tent!

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