Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Glastonbury rest day 2

What can I say about Glastonbury? The hippy capital of GB I can only hope those who come here looking for spiritual peace find it , all I found was that I felt overdressed in my travel stained walking gear and unsure of Alfie's security when left outside a shop, sad really thought I'd like the place. My Nirvana remains in a quiet high place surrounded by open views with a gentle wind to take away the heat of a walk.
Other than Glastonbury the mechanics of the walk must continue washing(see pic) repairs and ration restocking. Fully rested now so all systems are go for another week up to Bewdley.

Bowdens to Glastonbury

Once again a 12 mile day to complete our first two hundred miles ,both tired and looking forward to the Saturday restday ,our path went through the pretty village of High Ham then once more to the Somerset levels,to the quite boggling amount of people in the town of street, probably normal levels of population but after two weeks of walking quite dizzying to see so many faces! Another pub meal and we finished our day by 3 pm at the overpriced Isle of Avalon campsite (12 pounds per night!) .
Enjoyed a great visit from friends Saz Rab and another Andy......

 and had pleasant meal in town where Alfie won over the bar maid to gain entry! Will insert a picture of her and Alfie when I can, sooooo funny to see her melt into "ooo cute puppy mode"

Taunton to Bowdens campsite

An easy day today with just 12 miles to walk ,so after a slovenly10.30 start we once more followed the canal,

 this time to a place called Charlton then via road we went through Knapp and Lower Knapp where we were passed on the North Curry road by a beautiful horse drawn carriage 
(pic to follow) another pub for lunch and met some great people who between them raided they're loose change to the sum of ten pounds ,thanks to Gail,Nina and Taff (pic of Nina and Gail).

A good straight road through Stoke St Gregory had us finally to the Somerset levels and through them up the hill to our campsite Bowdens (near Aller) superb site this has its own restaurant and pub with unbelievable views to the south west over the levels.

Tiverton to taunton

An early start from our dodgy railway campsite and pig go along the canal again to Halberton where a ghostly sight appeared!.
Can you see it?

Further along to Sampford Peveral where we met a lovely lady named Lou and her dog mojo

( see pic), who kindly took us in for tea and biscuits ! alfie had great fun playing with mojo think he needed some dog time as his spirits were certainly lifted as were mine too!
With a spring in out steps we motored on to a lunch pub stop where as alfie got lots of fuss and attention.A push into Wellington saw us disappointed for our early finish as neither campsite allowed tents  ........ So much could be said here! ... .. So a further six miles of walking had us rush through taunton with just a blur of the cathedral until we reached Bathpool and the lovely Tan pits cider farm campsite where the routine of tent up,dog fed, me fed, sleep. ended the day.

Uton to tiverton

More road walking today! first of we had the bizarre experience of walking in a traffic jam on the road to crediton, a new layer of stone chips was being laid on fresh tarmac with on a tiny single lane road with only enough room for the works vehicles so we stood in line with the other traffic!
We restocked supplies then headed out of crediton to thorverton via shobrooke pleasant drink at the Exeter arms with the locals, pubs most interesting feature was the well in front of the bar!.
Off we go again uphill following the Exe valley way and I mean really uphill! to about 600 feet in height! worth the sweat and the effort for the panoramic views back the way we had walked,

then down into the valley past bickleigh castle and on into tiverton for a resupply stop and fish and chips supper quickly scoffed down and odd to find a wild camp for the night near the Grand western canal at a delightful(!) abandoned railway line.