Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 3- Meeting of ways!

After a good night at Thurso campsite we were packed and saying our goodbyes to those we'd met, in good time to head into town for supplies, as so often in the past the goods required were purchased from the co op,always a welcome sight!!
The long drag uphill out of town took us past the architecturally pleasing local hospital, which appears to be am old Manor with fine Scottish towers!
Out of town the B road is a long 10 mile stretch to Raey famous for the Dounreay Powerstation, only a few things were worth note on this stretch firstly an old school or chapel in ruins which still had its bell now fallen in the bell tower! Secondly was the lack of traffic much needed after the a road yesterday, last but far from least was meeting a German girl named Marrissa who has been cycling for three months! Starting in the south of Spain she plans to finish in the Orkney's having travelled six thousand kilometers! What an achievement!
Into Raey and I'm sitting having lunch at the war memorial appropriately on the anniversary of the first world war starting. While I'm lunching who should pull up but Ruth en-route to Cape wrath for a second visit.... So tea was had :-).
Out of the village and up a long long Hill we for the first time properly leave the road! On (or rather through) a very indistinct track over the boggy moorland with Alfie making the most being off of his lead,a very happy chap!.
Coming off the moorland I notice a campsite on the opposite side of the valley so continuing along our track to a bridge over the river Halladale it was rather disconcerting to find the bridge closed and condemned! Decision time long walk around it or throw caution to the wind? Caution was thrown and we crossed the bridge.... To me it seemed pretty sound, I've certainly crossed worse! Blooming health and safety!
Up to the road with the beach at Melvich bay to our right we walk back to the campsite which handily had a pub attached, booked in and setting up tent next to two other small tents, we find the occupants to be Emily Walker (!) who is walking south to North and her father who joined her at Fort William, Emily completes her epic in three days so visit her blog and congratulate her please! Emjwalker@blogspot.com.
A pint and meal later and I'm just about ready to go sleep though my aching thighs may keep me awake tonight! Nothing to worry about just a phase of trekking that you have to go through!
No picture tonight as data is very weak, may struggle getting this out!