Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Having spent so long over the past week working on altering the route I can safely say that my mental image of this walk is a bit bewildered!.
I know how far I'm going to walk I know where I'm going to walk I even have a good idea of how long it will take, I just cant help being overawed!.
This is good for respecting what we are are soon to do and good for honing the "Three A's way" machine but I just don't seem to get a good grip on the concept of walking this distance,
its like juggling jelly I know the constituent parts I know its form I can imagine doing it and completing it but one juggle too far and it could end up just being a mess on the floor!(?)
I would be interested if any other Lejog or Joglers past or soon to be know what I mean!
(Alfie knows what to do, curled up in front of the fire wise dog!)