Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday 26th September

Rest day at curry pool mill campsite in lovely sunshine, clothes washed and dried blog caught up and lots of chilling out!
The evening sees my mates Rab and Saz from yeovil pay me a visit and treat me to a pub meal! Much appreciated peeps ! And great to see familiar faces, the first in six weeks!

Day-49 On the level

The field pitch of last night went without a visit from a shotgun toting farmer or a visit from cows in the next field! Though either was possible!
An early start saw me leave Allerton moor and continue across the Somerset levels to a village called Mark with its shop open early I could restock food for the day. Meeting some locals who expressed interest in the walk, with wishes of good luck I move on.
A straight track/road through Mark moor and I meet a heard if cattle being driven towards me. Knowing how skittish cattle can be I wait in a gateway until after much hesitation they pass.
Further on I reach gold corner a farm and major pumping station for the levels that boasted a spring tide that would reach half way up the first floor of most modern homes! Wonder where it reached in the flood of last winter? (2014).
The station pumps into the broad Huntspill river that upon close inspection looked higher than the foundations of the pump house...
On to Cossington where I join a short stretch of railway line before crossing the fields to Bridgewater. With the land so flat here you can't tell from the buildings that the town is so big, only the major A roads approaching give you a clue.
Into the centre a pub meal was found before heading out through a street fair where I felt disjointed from all the stalls with their gaudy tat on sale and the crowds pushing to enjoy the rides. I'm definitely a big step sideways from society while I walk this trek!.
With more provisions loaded up for my rest day tomorrow (no room at the inn for Friday and Saturday) I head west to Curry pool mill campsite for a good rest and clean up. This will also save me £50 in accommodation costs so not a bad change of plan ;0)

Day-48 A fruity passage!

My pitch under hawthorn bushes on çadbury camp hill provided a good dry night despite the gentle rain in the early morning. Everything packed away well and the sharp descent to Tickenham proved easy.
At this point I altered the route after last night's failure to find a shop. The route towards Nailsea took me over monkey bridge, interestingly named after a traveling menagerie lost it's monkey carriage here in 1906! Nice piece of local info from the local council who secured a plaque here!
Into town and a very convenient co-op secured my food for the day.
B roads from town through Chelvey and Claverham, with the clouds being blown away south and sunshine becomes dominant as I enter Yatton. A quick hop across some fields and my way becomes easy level but busy as I join the old Strawberry railway line now a cycle track/nature reserve. A quick conversation with another walker reassures me it's not just me who can't hear cyclists until they are right upon you, so taking a slightly militant approach I decide to hog the path! At least now 'the silent menace' as my fellow walker branded cyclists would have to pass politely!
Through Sandford and into Winscombe before rejoining the strawberry line to make use of the easiest passage of the Mendip hills that is available, railway line and tunnel! (pic) .
A bit of road walking through lower Weare and footpaths take me through Badgworth and Stone Allerton until I find a pitch in the fields.