Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day-35 we're on a roll!

Right first off I'm going back to last night....
As I lay in the tent listening to the birds and watching the light fade I became aware of a roar outside, I could only describe it as being similar to the sound of a large ship going upstream, which with the apparent depth of the river Ribble was impossible! Curiosity took hold and I looked out to see a wave of water over a meter high going upstream, I've finally seen my first tidal bore!  Thankfully from a good three meters higher than it reached!.
By this morning normal service had resumed and I packed up and headed west with flocks of geese, lapwings, ducks and the occasional cormorant for company.
Following the Ribble valley way south to its beginning /end the path I need becomes amorphous again! Not being where it should be and not east of its course so it had to free west.... Yep took way to much faffing to find it but hey Ho I did!
The path goes along side the river link of the Lancaster canal and Leeds to Liverpool canal which at change of tide must be hazardous for barges as during a rest I watched the tide change and the still river became a torrent! Away from the river on small B road's until with great fortune I find Sizzlers snack van, being hungry as ever I order the biggest breakfast roll I can get and a cuppa tea, joining in with the banter between a chap delivering coal and the lady owner (pic) the conversation comes around to what I'm doing with such a large pack on my back, after the story is told I go to pay for my second breakfast only to be told it's free due to the charitable nature of my walk! (do I need to explain the title?) great lass who really made my morning with her kindness.
Away down the A69 to Bretherton and back on to the canal network, although the tow path here is non existent a regular path takes you along until the tow path emerges, after about 5km I leave the Leeds and Liverpool canal and go into the pub at Rufford, burger and chips a pint and some tea, and a cheeky use of a socket to charge my phone. Taking the b roads west in walking in farm lands as flat as the fens, where they are growing carrots, onions, potatoes and turf, my path I planned around Martin mere wetlands and wild fowl trust was a bit of a let down as I'm jammed up against 10 foot electric fences and not the hoped for wetland views. Something you cant plan for. Back to the canal and after a quick pint at Heston's bridge I find a nice little spot to pitch by the canal.