Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Worcester to Bewdley

Today was a great day, at the start all of yesterdays problems were behind us (sorry!) And as the sun shone down we headed into Worcester, we lost our way slightly navigating the docks but as it had all been modernised sympathetically it was a pleasant maze to fathom.

Stopping near the catherdral a cappuccino and baguette was purchased at a posh cafe where I mentioned what we were doing (to explain our less than normal appearance) to a waitress who explained that she had just completed the Three peaks challenge of snowden,Ben Nevis and Scafell pike , she seemed impressed that I mentioned that I thought it was beyond my capability, nice to leave a smile on a strangers face !.
Back on the banks of the river we left Worcester behind on what is my favourite part of the Severn way I'm sure the sunshine had a lot to do with it but the whole section was untainted by constructions and even had a field set aside as a retreat for contemplation and rest , following this we walked through the grounds of the Camp house pub with its collection of chickens of various breeds and peacocks and peahens, a most charmingly eclectic pub which if I had known of its existence I would have enjoyed stopping at !

Further on we past an archeological survey taking place on an island in the middle of the river, other advocates of time team would've also recognized a geo phys survey. sadly didn't find out what they were looking for as the survey was at too early a stage.
Away from the river at Grimley and cross country for refreshment at the Holt Fleet pub, the river here and for sometime onwards has cute little wooden homes/shacks which I found charming in an isolated way, the path enters Stourport through more dockyards and small fairground.

Our way headed out of town towards Ribbesford woods where we met two fellow  lejogers this time cyclists Paul and Dan nice to add a pair of new faces to the nutters gallery.

The path into the woods had been obliterated by a motorcross course luckily shut down for the day, then on into the woods over steep hill and finally to Hoppleys campsite for a two day stop to meet up with Ruth my better half.
Back on the blog Monday.

Wainlode hill to worcestor

A nice early 7.30 start and we were away before the lads from London stired, would have been nice to say farewell as they were a great bunch of lads.
We kept to the Severn way on the east bank,(tho my map shows it on the west?)  Had breakfast of a pastie from my pack and plodded through the fields to tewksbury, pretty town worth another visit one day , had a great value/quality all day breakfast at a cafe where we were both allowed in, nice to eat without worrying about alfie.

 The route out of town took us past st johns castle tho we were to busy clambering over the small landslide on the path to notice it!
The way threaded through thick grass with clouds of mozzies at every step as we reached the M50 things went wrong, either the breakfast or the pastie was to blame but drastic action was required.

M50 another under bridge view!
As things continued to grumble away we hit a section of path zigzaging through a farm and sand/gravel pit which in my state was confusing and irritating to say the least and as the rain also started to fall we hit the A38 at Severn stoke all the way to our campsite on the ringroad of worcester.   
Still after a day such as it was we had completed our 20 miles planned and continued to keep to plan, seems to take a lot to stop us in our tracks.