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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Test of email blog update

A quick test of emailed blogs
A lovely view while walking an 18. 5 mile full pack walk in leicestershire, bloomin chilly tho stayed around zero all day. once again alfie walked me into the ground ! Hopefully he'll maintain his energy for the big one !


  1. Good reminder i need to start upping the number of long hikes, cold it certainly has been, i find core temperature is fine while hiking but gloves are needed, it appears from weather map that cornwall is consistently milder.


  2. yeah hope so!
    i'm really banking on mild climate the clothes i have are very light albeit windproof, i'm not too sure how warm i'll be when setting up camp and cooking at night/ in the morning.
    I've done enough winter camping to deal with its just the new gear! :)