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Monday, 26 April 2010

Chew Stoke to The banks of the Severn

Started today feeling rough ! Don't think I've been taking on enough sugars felt better after a good English breakfast at the B & B tho, glad I did get my energies up too as today has been really hilly again, simple road route to Upper littleton then over Dundry hill to pick up the Monarch way to Long Ashton picked up pastries at a bakery and sat on flowery bank in the sun to eat my grub.
Went east out of town and into the Ashton court estate , pretty place with deer mowing the lawns for them!

Climbed out of the estate and entered Bristol via the Clifton suspension bridge cracking piece of engineering!

Then followed the bristol community forest path through town not much in the way of forest to my eyes! Went through some charming and no doubt incredibly rich suburbs and then through the council estates where I was able to restock food and get some more cash, from the council estates we decended to my chosen route over the M5 only to find the bridge had been demolished oh sugar I said..........
Did find an alternative route through Hallen which just happened to have an open pub , so that worked out nicely! Following this continued through the Crooks marsh petrochemical plants.........

 and finally to the severn way and our pitch on the banks of the estuary with great views to Wales and both the severn bridges as the sun sets over the water.

I think we managed to see most aspects of Bristol today, nice city too hilly tho !  


  1. E.L.Oooooooooooooooooo, You must get plenty of energy for your journey, lots more breakfast's and watery pub lunch's that will make you well. hic. Are you feeling ok cause it sounds to me like your turning into Wallace and gromet. Cracking piece of engineering, Gromet. Good to see your taking some of the better sides of the English country, The petrochemical plants, how exciting. Well so far so good all bus'es still intact. working till 2 in the morning this week so dought i will be able to call at said time so might call either on my break about 9 ish or when l finish about 2 in the morning that will be ok wont it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well best let you get back to the exciting walks and views of the country. Perhaps the M5 or some factory units. Keep it up lad bye for now.

  2. Bro :)

    You're doing so well! Sounds some heavenly country you've been going through!

    Hope the sun keeps shining for you, and Alfie and you stay well.

    Say hello to Worcester when you get there.

    Lots of love from all of us in St Neots.

    J x x x