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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Glastonbury rest day 2

What can I say about Glastonbury? The hippy capital of GB I can only hope those who come here looking for spiritual peace find it , all I found was that I felt overdressed in my travel stained walking gear and unsure of Alfie's security when left outside a shop, sad really thought I'd like the place. My Nirvana remains in a quiet high place surrounded by open views with a gentle wind to take away the heat of a walk.
Other than Glastonbury the mechanics of the walk must continue washing(see pic) repairs and ration restocking. Fully rested now so all systems are go for another week up to Bewdley.


  1. Do I sound despondent in this post ? Trust me I'm not , this is the point in the walk where we turn from heading east to heading north so its been a focal point for the last 2 weeks, the time to prove ourselves is nearly over and the time to reach beyond any planned rescue points is approaching so quite a heady time and serious desicions lay ahead.
    Of course all challenges will be met with a laugh and problems delt with sensibly! So a cheerful pair will continue on !

  2. Hi again Andy!

    Thanks for all those catch-up posts! You're doing really well :) Nothing more than we all expected though.

    It must be lovely getting positive reactions from (nearly!) everyone you meet - even though I'm sure in some pubs LeJogers must be quite a regular occurrence.

    We're getting geared up for Rob's 14th birthday - this Thursday - and Philip's GCSE's kicking off in earnest soon. Impossible that they're both so old - till I look in the mirror and reality hits home!

    Keep those spirits up, and all 6 feet comfy, and carry on enjoying this amazing journey.

    Lots of love from,

    Big Sis xxx

  3. Your both doing so well - really proud of you!

    Campsites get cheaper as you head North - you have some really good stuff ahead.


  4. Cheers Sis & Sophie! More supports always great !