Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sheperds Patch to Wainlode hill ( a magical place!)

A great day! We raised 42 pounds from complete strangers without asking once! the rollcall of honour
Sandra & heinz,the crew of the barge Flossie,Richard Bond,Dave & Jenny,Lynn,and the landlord of the red lion at wainlode who returned our camping fee of 10 pounds upon hearing what we are doing! Thank you all!.
The walk itself was along the gloucester and sharpness canal passing many odd what I assume to be canal bridge houses with Corinthian columns and a general Greek look about them,
                                                         (one of the prettier ones!)
entered gloucester and resupplied the dog food , promptly leaving town again ( I'm sure gloucester is nice just didn't get a feel for the place )
Bit confusing finding the way out as my maps are a little out of date I'm sure I didn't plan to walk along the bypass!
Finally  finding the path I met three lads with full packs about to head north along the Severn too , but left them to finish discussing the route, we opted for an inland route about 2 kilometres shorter than the Severn way, taking us over a hill with great views to the malverns and more importantly to the pub and campsite at wainlode.
setting up tent we had our second pole disaster as the main pole snapped again! Now making do with my walking pole holding the tent up, works quite well and as s new tent is being bought out by my missus at the weekend its no great problem (see pic above) .
Having repaired our shelter we sat at the front if the pub eating lamb shank (alfie got the bone) and watching an amazing sky not too sure what made the sky so great (beer maybe ?) But it kept me fascinated !

The three lads I'd met in gloucester arrived we sat supping the local ale and chatted away, as the sun finally set some cars pulled up with huge nets on they're rooves after much speculation the landlord clarified that the men where fishing for elver (young eel) which will be exported to Hong Kong!


  1. Yo bro :)

    Sounds like you had a great day :) Much more fun than mine, and I had nothing to complain about!

    Managed to get in 4 games of rounders with 8/9 year olds before the heavens opened this afternoon (phew!).

    Had the RSPB in this morning talking about the results of the Big Schools Bird Watch which we took part in earlier this year - that was good too.

    Nothing much going on tonight - even though it's Rob's birthday, he's at Dave's so we'll indulge him tomorrow night instead. *(that means he might get out of washing up duty!)

    How does it feel for your YOUNGEST nephew to be 14 now?


    Have a great walk tomorrow and a lovely weekend with R.

    J xxx

  2. EEEEEE L O, sorry not been in touch, not forgotten you, whats name, but what with work and picking Tom up and washing my hair, lve not had time. So thought ld send a quick massage now. Bye. No not really just being silly. Hows your weekend with Ruth gone, hope she has been a good girl and brought out the nessasery (or how ever you spell it) repairs that one required. Should be on earlies this week so will call or anoy you constantly. And yes l know l cant spell, thats why l'm a plumber and bus driver. Mind you good at filling in accident reports. Love you Phil X

  3. Hi Sis, I'm great at missing birthdays sorry Bob!
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Edale if you can still make it ! Catch up more then eh?
    See ya sis

    hi to Phil, ya silly arse ! Any more dents ?
    Oh and your spellings as bad as your plumbing!
    Any more plans about meeting us with Mr Button ?
    Let me know
    See ya buddy