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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bewdley to Wombourne

After a lovely 2 days off with Ruth  (sporty forties) and a fortifing fried breakfast we left our little bit of heaven and walked down into a quiet bank holiday Bewdley and once more onto the Severn way for the last time,

some lovely graffiti under a bridge on the severn
 quickly finishing this stretch we headed into Eymore wood and picked up the Worcester way through some hilly farm land to drakelow and then up onto Kinver edge, good views to left and right with plenty of dogs for the rejuvenated alfie to have a go at ....! A good viewpoint at the end of the edge over Kinver and down we went to look at St Austins rock this turned out to be St Austins rock houses all cut into the sandstone rock in true troglodyte fashion.
St Austins Rock houses and gardens

Walked into Kinver and food bought for a quick picnic on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. pleasant plod along here with heron robins and a multitude of unidentified birds and the now normal odour of wild garlic coming into flower ,past Stourton we passed what is called on my map "Devils den" sadly unenlightened as to quite what this is other than seeing a door set into a cliff face at canal water level ......?.
Stopped for a drink at the pub at greensforge ,we had been passed by a family of cyclists with 2 more border terriers earlier  and met them again here where they ( the Mc Arthies) very kindly donated 20 pounds to the charity.

A push along the canal and we reached our Target wild camp for the night where the new tent was erected thanks to Ruth for sorting out our new tent! Which if JP of lejogplod ever see's it will find very familiar minus the cow hoof prints tho eh JP !     


  1. Hi Andy,
    You enjoy the new tent and i look forward to your assesment of it.
    The devils part of the canal remains a mystery to me, i though the little door was a home carved boathouse, the stable carved in the rock at one lock was really neat, and it's the only canal on which i have seen a county baorder marker post.
    Cheers J.P.

  2. We have the advantage, Peter is 69 so in his erotic year of life, amd MUM is looking forward to it in July of this year.. Beat that! We drive a car with the NO. plate 6969RE 41 So there.

  3. Bro,

    Glad you had a good weekend :)

    Ours was fine too.. lots of good dog walks, with sunshine and birdlife aplenty.

    Just in case you hadn't seen my comment on a previous post, I'm afraid our proposed trip up to Edale is a non-starter cos we would only get there mid afternoon due to Fri night commitments, which isn't much good if you head off early Sunday, really.... Sorry chum :(

    Am sure you'll not miss us too much though. Our thoughts will be with you all the way.

    Lots of love,

    Judy and the clan x x x

  4. Hi Andy hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow.I think it is going to be rather wet by the weather forecast! Still the next few days will be familiar seeing that it is the Penine Way,so get those feet busy.love Dadxxx