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Monday, 24 May 2010

Byrness to Jedburgh 23/5th

After getting a DIY breakfast from the Youth Hostels honesty shop (love this trust in folk) of macaroni cheese ,high carbohydrate start to the day we set off in persuit of the Aussies who had 15 minute headstart on us ,the path soon became serious with an at least 45 degree ascent up Houx hill to about 1100 feet, there it levels out to a more managable path over "ravens know" and around to Chew green an old Roman border camp, with the blue sky and gentle breeze the walking is ideal.
With Dere street (a Roman road) underfoot we said our farewells to the Aussies who sang there goodbye to us as we crossed the border, sweet people :)
The Roman road now a slight path ran precipitously round Blackhall hill to leave us with a breathtaking view of Watch know and in the valley an inapproprietly  named farm called street house.....no street in sight!.
Down hill and out of the cheviot proper we forded a shallow river , past another Roman camp which we couldn't see, the path then keeping to Dere street followed the top of more linked hills past the five stanes stone circle, an old iron age hill fort (plenty of these around here!) To then join with a country road to then leave Dere street at a farm named Shotheids (found this name funny with a liberal abuse of the Scottish accent!) Roads all the way to Jedburgh (with a scarecrow competition in evidence) and we followed a path into the middle of town with views of the imposing ruin of Jedburgh cathedral. With a pub meal inside us J.P. Alfie and I settled into the pretty little campsite at the north of town, where J.P. will carry on with his trek as Alfie and I take another rest day.


  1. Hi guys great walking keep going all the best to you all Janice and carole (glosaid)

  2. Claire Paterson24 May, 2010 14:11

    Hi Andy - We are really enjoying your blogs and amazed how upbeat you sound! How are the feet and more importantly how are Alfie's? We have an 'Andy's Blog' folder in the office so all the staff can read up about your journey when they come over for training.

    Received an email from Janice and Carole at Glosaid thanking you for your support - I see they have posted you a comment.

    Take care and look after yourself.
    Claire and all the staff at Alderwood

  3. Hi Alderwood & of course Glosaid glad that the blog is being well received , thanks for putting up with the lack of punctuation ! Far too tedious to do properly on a phone !
    Spirits are definately high amongst the lejogers we know and all feel able at this stage to complete the distance, incredible really, won't push my luck too far by being over confident, murphys law would likely apply!
    Will try and respond to comments more as we head off into the wilds of bonnie Scotland but phone battery and reception is always my limitation.
    Andy and Alfie

  4. Watching enthusiastically and wish we were walking the lowlands of Scotland. How are the feet and pads doing?

    Love MUM and peter

  5. love the cowboy scarecrow, so does Alfie by the looks of it......Keep up the good work, your doing great.
    glenda, gambia

  6. Hi Andy

    Hows things, hope you and Alfie are ok, keeping a watch on you're updates every couple of days. Happy rambling.