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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Carlops to North Queensferry 29/5

A late start of 8.45 was nice especially with a full fry up inside ,we left our refuge from the storm and set of in bright sunshine up into the pentland hills.
A nice easy stretch of hill walking through curvacious hills then down again into Buteland , quite heavily populated area this with our path heading into wilkieston we set of along the road to newbridge pleasantly there was a pavement all the way. Passing over the M8 we followed an abandoned railway (pleasently rural!) to Queensferry accross the maginficent Forth road bridge and into North Queensferry a pub meal later, we tried our luck with a not so wild camp 2 minutes walk out of town.
Luck was really on our side here wuth stunning views of the Forth rail bridge we set up camp, to be greated by a local Jeremy Hawkins who mentioned that our pitch was an old barrage ballon site used to protect the railbridge in WW2.
Now Jeremy is a really top chap he returned later with a bottle of wine which we sat and drank looking over the Firth of Forth, as Jeremy told of local places of interest.


  1. You are meeting some amazingly kind people :)

    The world out there is good, if you go to find it.

    Judy x

  2. Hi Andy
    Don't know Pete's eta yet.He did have a rest day last week (yes a first. but needed I think and well deserved!!!) and he is planning one this week depending on the weather and where he is. He is now at Jedburgh (sat) and has 22 days walking left (according to plan). You are both so near yet so far!!! Zoe x