Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Melrose to Innerleithen 26/5

Out of Melrose we took a more direct route than planned avoiding Galashiels with a back road uphill through farmland to a path marked on the map sadly not marked on the ground! Out comes the gps and we follow as best we can till a barbed wire fence beats us and we divert around a section of woodland and on to a b road descending back into the Tweed valley , crossing the river via the A707 bridge we pick up a river walk not marked on the map saving 2 miles of road walking, over the bridge towards Yair we pass the high road of the southern upland way (walked this in 2000) to follow a combination of tracks and tiny b roads into Innerleithen campsite.


  1. Pleased you are both still going strong, keep smiling you are both doing so well. Hope alfies paws are holding up (gyps are fine apart from road walking when Pete has to put her baby socks on!!!!). Shame I don't think you will actually meet up but he is still a few days behind. Take care Zoe x

  2. Hi Zoe!
    Good news about Gyps paws! Alfie has been so lucky!
    Progress has been great for us but with my weekly rest stops I'm sure Pete and Gyp will catch up!
    Any idea what petes eta into John O'groats is?
    Andy and Alfie