Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mini blog. For family

For this one I didn't need extra cusions!


  1. Hi Andy

    I am Anita's friend who lives in The Gambia and links Alderwood with projects such as Glosaid. You obviously have amazing level of determination, not to mention sore legs if you are completing a 1000 mile walk. How fantastic, and you have taken a mans best friend with you, how lovely is Alfie............. Your doing an amazing fund raiser for charity and I would just like to say Glosaid like many other projects I work with in the Gambia will make such good use to any amount of funds raised no matter how small. I hope the weather holds out for you and good luck for the remainder of your walk. We will certainly be following your progress from the Gambia. Best wishes Glenda (Gambia, West Africa)

  2. lol re cushions Pud :)

    'bout time you were big enough to manage one without assistance!

    Judy x

  3. Hi Glenda,
    Thanks for your kind thoughts!
    Probably stuborn more than determined! This kind of distance walked is new to me but have allways loved to walk with a full pack on my back...very good for the mind and eventually the body agrees!.
    Alfie is doing amazingly and seems to be loving the walk too. He's asleep in the tent as I catch up with the blog.
    Please keep in touch , so much to say very sleepy at the mo, so will send this and nod off!

  4. Hi Andy

    Hows your feet today? Hope you have caught up on your sleep. I was thinking to myself how fabulous it must be to combine two things you love the most and to make some good out of it all like you are doing. Walking and camping I am afraid are not two of my most favourite things, however I do love cooking and entertaining. I often do theme nights which help get everyone interested in the projects I work with here in The Gambia. mostly because I talk about them all the time. last week was our annual tennis dinner where we raised £1000 for junior tennis in the Gambia, a project that brings local school children together playing tennis which many of them never get a chance to do. P.E and sport is just never a part of the school cirriculum here so they just come alive when they get all this energy diredted through sport. Alderwood sponsored the tennis trophies for us and the kids were just amazing.

    I am not sure if you remeber me but I worked for Alderwood for a while based at the Rushden unit. I was there for three months while my husband and I were in between postings. Graham, my husband works with the foriegn and commonwealth office and I work for the Uk Border Agency. Not exciting jobs in themselves but we do get to travel to some amazing countries. We left South America in 2007 and was laid up in the UK waiting for our next posting (Gambia) when Anita mentioned Alderwood required someone to cook for the childrens homes I jumped at it, after all there are only so many books you can read when you have 4 months of time on your hands with no work to go to. I remember you coming in to Rushden to carry out the annual electrical tests on all the gadgets. How spooky...... here we are three years later and you are helping raise funds for one of our projects.
    Janice (also known as Mel )emailed me today (Janice from Glosaid) and she is also trying to log on to your blog although it's not always easy in The Gambia, the internet is quite poor as you can imagine, I suppose we should think ourselves lucky having any internet at all really. I am lost when we loose our connections sometimes it is for several days at a time and I feel like like my hands have been cut off.

    Anyway I must dash as I am hosting a wine tasting evening tonight, do you like a nice glass of red wine? hope so because you are my one toast of the evening tonight so if you get that funny feeling (like shivers)that some one is talking about you it will be me and my guests.

    Here's to you... we are all truely grateful

    Cheerio for now and spk soon

    Happy trecking Andy

    kind regards

  5. Sorry.... just realised this is a mini blog for your family. Apologies for the intrusion. Will just follow your progress through your main page. Best of Luck with remainder of your walk. Glenda , gambia