Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Chest of Dee to Aviemore

First off an omission from yesterday , a chap named Hugh Boyd donated to the charity and tonight the Williams family did too! Thanks to all !
The nights here are nearly not happening ! At 1.30am the sky was a deep blue but by 3am the sky was brighter so does it get really dark? I'm not planning on being awake to find out!
Our usual 7.30 start and we race off along glen Dee the river drops down a series of small falls and rapids with a Greeny blue hue to the water ,the water all along here is melt from the snow above and as such is excellent drinking water , so sweet!
Rounding Sgor Mor a low mountain we get ever expanding views of towards the Lairig Ghru which I can't believe is an old drove road ! The dominant landmark at this stage is the Devils Point a shear buttress of rock towering over Glens Geusachen and Dee left of pic.
On past Cairn Toul on our left and Ben Macdui on our right both around 3900 feet we have to ford deeply flowing streams swollen with melted snow Alfie does admirably for his small stature !
Up into the boulder field of the Lairig Ghru we find ourselves floundering over the still deep remnants of the winters snows, treacherously with the tributarys of river Dee rushing beneath our feet , keeping to the edge of the snows we pass beneath the  Cairn Lochan and Braeriach ranges to either side.
Down and out of the mountains we are swallowed by the Rothimurchus forest with a hot humid change from the cold winds of the tops.
Into Aviemore for a campsite for the night and the first pizza for two months ! Lovely! 


  1. Another glorious day by the sounds of it :)

    Well done.. how many more days left approx?

    J xxx

  2. Hi sis sadly the end is getting close and we seem to be due a finish on June the 16th earlier than expected , ten days from the time of this post! Eek!

  3. Don't be sad about it - celebrate - it's an amazing achievement :)

    Not a patch on someone in today's news though, who's spent the last 10 years walking and has done about 40,000 miles, if my memory serves me correctly. Want me to google his route for you to do next?


    J xxx

  4. Get Judy to let Pete know the route I am sure he would be interested!!!! (or not) 40 000 miles is one long walk. Keep it up and don't get down with all the road walking. Pete is already wondering about the route chosen (you both seem to of chosen a similar way) and Gyp does not like road walking or being on a lead. But not far now x Zoe

  5. Hiya Andy, hows alfie? Its Jack Williams aka the Williams family, found your blog and I would once again like to say thanks for your great charity work!