Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Having spent so long over the past week working on altering the route I can safely say that my mental image of this walk is a bit bewildered!.
I know how far I'm going to walk I know where I'm going to walk I even have a good idea of how long it will take, I just cant help being overawed!.
This is good for respecting what we are are soon to do and good for honing the "Three A's way" machine but I just don't seem to get a good grip on the concept of walking this distance,
its like juggling jelly I know the constituent parts I know its form I can imagine doing it and completing it but one juggle too far and it could end up just being a mess on the floor!(?)
I would be interested if any other Lejog or Joglers past or soon to be know what I mean!
(Alfie knows what to do, curled up in front of the fire wise dog!)


  1. Hi Andy
    I found the best way to approach the walk was to look at it as a series of one day walks one after another. Mine lasted 17 weeks and was close on 1700 miles which even now sounds rather alarming.

    But broken down to day walks with a sprinkling of 'days off' it's easy peasy! I managed to stick to my schedule spot on for the entire walk.

    Most importantly - design a schedule that is realistic!

  2. Hi Andy
    If it's any help, having never attempted anything like this before i have been wary of being over confident from day one of planning and suspect the enormity of the challenge will grow as the start date nears.
    Reading accounts of lejog like Alan's has instiled the idea that pepole do make it, i don't know what pace i can maintain over a week/month and hav'nt planned any breaks as i don't know when i will need them (they may be more than a day long) so i will start with day one followed by another.
    I recall Daryl may writting that when he got to Gloucester he felt he'd earned a stripe, that seemed a good thought to me, we know where the end is but i'll worry about that as it nears.

  3. Hi guys thanks for your perspectives! I think i'm starting to understand my bewilderment!

    its hard to explain but i'll give it a go!
    ok I know I can walk long distances, I also know that I can plan and execute walks up to 300 miles,its not that the distance is too relevant in execution of the walks, in my experience with enough time to moderate speed and energy/injury you can control the distance your capable of completing.
    The bewilderment is simply psychological! we are made aware that this country is small on the scale of world perspectives (following?) yet we see ourselves as a race as somthing big, what the walk is really doing is pointing out how tiny I really am!(?) (its getting there!) when I look at my route I see the start as hundreds of miles away south in a place I've never been yet my half way point is at Horton in ribblesdale where I've been but always considered one heck of a long way north from home, yet its still only half way! OMG!!! so my conclusion is that my bewilderment is just my ego not being able to cope with the reality of the walk where my logical side can get a very easy grip on the subject! Phew!
    Don't think I'll need to think about that again thank goodness!

    to John, when it comes to my small experience on any long distance trail with this walk I've changed plan and my belief for this walk being "rest before you need it" my energy can get very low over exerting myself and can take two or three days to recuperate so the more sleep I get and the more food I can digest the better, oh and eat lots of mars bars! they are so far the only thing can beat sugar lows in my experience! :)