Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Changes are afoot! (Boom boom)

My apologies for the Basil brush pun in the post header,  but it had to be done!
I'm finally updating the blog and inputting most importantly information about the next walk!.
If your reading this directly from the blog you know already ! this post is just a heads up for anyone who followed last years trail and who automatically gets emails from the blog.
To those who get the email if your interested please come over and look at the blog, its getting a fresh new look and lots of modifications!
The address is the same but the blog is now titled "Chasing the horizon!!" A description I have always given to my long distance walks!
Look forward to any comments
Andy and of course Alfie!


  1. Can not prommise at the moment but certainly would like to be going in the opposite direction at the same time, as per last years disscusion the wide coast to coast is born.
    The view KML in large map dosn't seem to work or is it my computer.
    Best of luch matey and ledog.

  2. Hi John are you using internet explorer? as it doesn't work on that browser for some reason for me!?
    Try google chrome, it works fine on this one :)

    I'm walking east west as I like the feeling of heading for the hills pardner!(in my best cowboy voice!)

  3. Hi Andy
    When are you walking this E-W route? You pass within a few miles of my home and perhaps I could help with an overnight stop or supply drop?
    Best wishes


  4. Hi Andy,
    Have you thought anymore about how we can make a living on the trail.
    I wonder about reality tv, maybe hairy hikers cook in the woods. As i have a good face for radio you could do the cooking while i operate the camera.
    Cheers J.P.

  5. Hi John and Alan, my apologies for the delayed response, lost internet for a while (damn recession!) so have been unable to get on with my updates!back online with a 3 dongle so at least i can reply!
    John i could do with knowing how to make a living full stop at the moment.... :( but hell or high water the walk will happen!! so any en route fund raising ideas are welcome! ;)
    Alan as you can tell from above the start time is entirely in relation to funding! as i estimate a total fund of £750.00 for the walk its not too far from reach so my plan for an end of august start is entirely feasible, fingers crossed eh!

    I know one thing though if this gets delayed i'll get hell from Alfie!!! lol

  6. Hi Andy,
    Good to hear you are back online and i hope we both will be doing the wide coast to coast. In general there seem to be less long hikes planned this year so less blogs to read (boo).
    Anyway i see M+G are starting at Lowestoft so it will be interesting to hear what they write about the area.
    Cheers J.P.