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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Off again!

This coming Saturday I'm finally setting off on the last stage of my backwards East to West way! Walking from home, (the end point of last year's stages) to Lowestoft a final distance of 136 miles of huge open skies and flat farm land.
So in preparation and to test it, I've made up a four meal batch of chilli to take with me!
Excellent weight loss between the cooked and the dehydrated meals! With the dehydrated meal weighing in at one third of the cooked version, this is after I've taken off the weight of the plastic container shown in the picture ;-)
Naturally I'll knock together more dehydrated food for the trip to Scotland in June, this batch will at least be a good test of its nutritional value not to mention whether it's actually edible when prepared in the field!
Keep an eye on the blog! :-)


  1. Reduced weight = increased speed, careful you don't over speed the dog.

    Cheers J.P.

    1. There's no chance of that JP, its the dog which drags Andy along.


  2. Andy,
    Hope u see this before u go, good luck and I hope you enjoy. Regarding the dehydration, I start on my srossing of Scotland next week on the Southern Upland Way, can you do some dehydrating for me, starting with fish and chips, steak and ale pie and chips, lasagne and chips.... you get the sort of thing. Desert I fancy ice cream sundae and eton mess. Cheers Mate have a good one


  3. Keep your eye out for 'fat lips' she's after you, enjoy your 2 weeks of freedom , and don't wear Alfie out, enjoy the big sky sunrises,best of luck mate..