Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 3 18/6/2013–is it me your looking for?

As has been the norm the day started slightly overcast but dry so no complaint, leaving the campsite in good time we were the first onto the beach only briefly waving hello to a couple Camped in the dunes, following the shore to the stacks (column of rock) until the indistinct path headed back into the dunes at the southern end of the beach. spying a lizard or stoat like creature crossing a nearby dune I headed off to investigate it's track as John and Ruth carried on,

the beasties tracks!

 at this point we lost track of each other completely and didn't meet up again for 6km! Not knowing if I was behind or in front of the others I continued along the path with the hope of catching or being caught up, many thanks go to the people I met heading towards the beach who carried my message of 'I'm in front' back to Ruth John and alfie who it turned out were behind me after searching the dunes for me :-). Eventually meeting at the road in Blairmore with much relief we headed southeast along the  B road in worsening weather, shortly before Kinlochbervie the skies opened and the rain came down waterproofs on until we find shelter and dinner at the Kinlochbervie hotel then off to the spar by the fish market to get provisions. Leaving town we meet the Durness bus driver again who entices us with a lift to Scourie!
Loch Inchard

Politely declining we continue along loch Inchard now under a pleasant bit of sunshine, views along the loch to the Atlantic included muscle beds being farmed tho we'd previously seen signs about not gathering wild muscles due to contamination?!.

At Richonich we start walking along a proper  A Road through the twisted rock formations of the area that were uncovered in the last ice age when glacier where up to a kilometer deep here!.
We carry on along this road in changing weather to Laxford bridge where a fisherman's path by the bridge led us to a suitable spot in the trees, unfortunately also a good spot for midges.
My tents view of Laxford bridge wild camp

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