Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day-23 one for our Marion at work!

Knowing today was a short distance day I allowed myself another late start eventually getting away at eight am, traffic on the roads was pretty loud by this time but not heavy on the my route. Lots of B roads today once again under an unblemished blue sky :-), a gentle breeze took the edge off of any excess of heat so the walking was perfect! Twisting along a flattish valley by the river mouse water I reach Carstairs and all I can imagine is some cheesy second world war army chap complaining to a fellow called Carstairs..Think it may have been Terry Thomas?.
With no clarification to mind I wander through the sister village of Carstairs junction and on and over the Clyde, following this south I pass a pass Covington a village with claims about Robert Burns and also murdered covenanters! Today it has an ancient ruined tower and dovecote and not a lot else!
Thankerton the next village suffers a similar fate with both the pub and café having closed down! Glad I'd bought provisions at Carstairs.
Out the village and Tinto hill is my next aim, this has been in sight all day and seemed pretty imposing! With each step I'm thinking that this has to be the steepest hill/mountain I've climbed on this trek! Certainly made me puff! On one of the many rest stops I looked back north and I'm fairly certain I could see sterling castle! Three days earlier on my route! The panorama in general was huge with Glasgow visible, Falkirk, Forth, and various other places I couldn't name in sight, great to be able to relive my recent days.
Over Totherin hill and a push up to the top of Tinto,great 360 degree views from this second highest point on the walk at 2477 feet according to my gps..the plaque at the top claimed less but I think that was more accurate.
With my route heading over the top to continue south my path leads down an impressively steep slope must be over 50 degrees of decent, ankles and knees were complaint about this but at least with this angle the route downhill was short, with a bit of dithering at the bottom I find a sheltered spot for my tent and cook up dinner.... Chicken korma... Not bad for a little stove cooking!... Chats with home then sleep till Dawn.

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  1. Impressive trek you have there! Must be a very fulfilling journey! One day I too will go to John O'Groats...