Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day-6 first injuries

After yesterday's push to get to Altnaharra we're both in pain this morning, Alfie with a sore pad which his boots soon sorted and me with a muscle or tendon strain in my ankle no quick fix there just hobble on!
And that's just what we did, on the same road all day.going out of Altnaharra with Ben Klibreck impressively catching the sun on our right the aches and pains were easily ignored and the steady stream of lejog cyclists heading north allowed for a stream of friendly greetings :-)
Not much notable really this morning so getting to the Crask Inn at midday for pint of black isle red kite ale was very welcome!
Ale drunk we headed along the road a bit to make and eat some sandwiches with views of a fine range of mountains to the west sadly couldn't identify any.... Just too many up here!
The road continued through the desolation of North Dalchork forest where the tree fellers had been busy, never a nice thing to see, juxtaposed to this was the arrival of Janet and Dave two lejog cyclists who passed us earlier in the week very friendly people (see pic) who Alfie soon had rubbing his belly!,they continued of having completed their trek to cycle back to Inverness to catch a plane home.
Immediately after they had gone Fay and Robert Crawford stopped their car to say hello having passed us three times in the last week! Very kindly they donated £5 to the charity! Lovely people.
Carrying on south to Rhian bridge to get Alfie a drink then on past the next, where with evening approaching we set up the tent as a heavy storm lashed us! Once the rain had passed we were besieged by billions of midges! Really nasty little creatures these and the scourge of the Highlands!
Suitably prepared with the best deterrent 'smidge' which worked very well inside the tent though the swarms outside didn't get the hint!
While settling down for the evening a car pulled up to inquire if Alfie was OK, confused by this I assured them he is fine, before they clarified that they had earlier seen us with Dave and Janet where Alfie had been rolling around on Daves feet. They had been concerned that he had been run over and wanted to make sure he was OK! People really can amaze me still!


  1. We're really proud of you both here at Accommodation Concern. We dealt with over 1000 cases of people in desperate need last year, and your endeavours are helping us to raise awareness and badly needed funds. -Rachel

  2. What a lovely post, especially the people who asked if Alfie was OK. I remember Altnaharra; in 2010 I was one of those LeJog cyclists (didn't see any others whilst I was up there though). I didn't realise that route was so popular though it makes sense, to avoid the A9 to JoG. Altnaharra I recall as being a very high, very bleak place, so glad to hear you had good weather - despite the rotten midges.