Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day-43 Thank goodness for New Radnor!

Waking up once again in pine forest, everything is still dark apart from the glow in the dense fog that permeates the top of Radnor hill, despite the fog the trees have once again kept my tent dry :-), walking in the near white out fog tho everything soon gets a clammy damp feel, but that won't last the heat I put out walking soon dissipates any damp, though I wish it clear this fog, visibility is about ten yards and without the gps I'd have little hope of finding the paths I'm walking, once again the inner boy scout has kept me prepared!.
Although yesterday's shop shortage no one could prepare for! And this morning the fear that the shop planned for in New Radnor might not exist was a strong fear, coming down from the hill the first person I met is a lady Claire and her dog Alice who not only provided water but also dispelled my fear! Thank you! 

Into the village and word of my trek has spread to the shop!.. Esco a great village run establishment who kindly donated to the charity! Lovely people! 


Now carrying enough food for the day I walk south out of the village past the impressive monument to Sir George Cornwall Lewis... I'll have to look him up!

South I go and up and over steep hill called The Smatcher seems oddly appropriate!? Catch of breath at the top and straight downhill to Yardo then via ancient sunken lanes and they're modern equivalent I reach Gladestry where I stop for lunch. 

Here I also rejoin the Offas dyke path, uphill and to Grove farm where I meet a fellow end to end walker! A lady named Caroline (pic) who is walking the route in sections for a Gaza charity (will supply details later) 

Down hill to Newchurch and up again through more sheep country. Down into the next valley and I make my stop at the perfectly named Radnors End camp site! You couldn't make that up! 

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  1. Good to hear you got a shop in at last. Just looked up a pic of that monument. Doesn't it look like Rushden's war memorial?!