Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Day-46 The last border crossing

Last night's B&B was a good and needed move , I really needed to eat like I did, once more the calories had been too few for the exertion in the last few days. Now though I'm seeing the problem a lot sooner, should have it sorted by the time I finish! Lol
Away from the castle inn and I disappear into the morning mist following a route through town that I'd looked at over new year, recognise the church Ruth or JP ??
Very atmospheric in the mist.
From Usk the road naturally climbs up a steep hill, gotta love these valleys!!! The road degenerates into a rocky byway which in turn becomes a sunken lane before reaching the hill top. A few turns and the tarmac reappears before I climb a stile and attempt to follow a path to priory farm. Without the GPS I'd have been walking in circles here. Thank goodness for tech! Although it didn't help with finding one path where I eventually scrambled up a steep slope with the aid of trees and roots to haul me up! Through another overgrown byway and I hit B roads , I'm making good time on the roads and I reach Mynydd Bach in time for a lunchtime beer , back on the roads to Chepstow where I restock meths for the stove.
While here I have another radio interview even now it feels surreal to be sitting in some housing estate and talking to Northamptonshire!!

From Bulwark (the estate) I find the footpath that goes the length of the M48's bridge over the river Severn and finally out of Wales into England. on the far bank at Aust I reach the path I followed on my lejog this is the first time I've crossed my 2010 route since John O'groats! Sticking with the old path for a mile until I'm about half way between the two Severn bridges where I find a nice out of the spot for tonight's camp. With views of the sun setting over the river to complete the day.


  1. i remember the fungus under yew tree.
    cheers J.P.

    1. Oh yes I remember!! By the graveyard boundary wasn't it!