Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Its funny, just when I think I have everything in place I have to change things!

so what's changed?
1, I decided to plan my nightly accommodation in advance rather than accept more wild camping,this meant i had to change .......(2)
2, the route! (I just had to fiddle!) still at least my walk is now more organised! :)
3, which also meant i had to redo a lot of the maps and the gps routes! ARRGGHHHHH!
4, Have got the charity link in place at last. :)
5, also changed my picture of the whole walk for a zoomable panable google map image of the walk!.
6, added a cheesie pic of myself to the "where am I?" Latitude widget.
7, Have my trip down to the start organised and accommodation booked for the night before we start. Thanks Mum and Peter.
8, still have to sort out the donations link.........paypal!
9, Kit has changed a bit more I have a new merino base layer top which should prove toastie, and my berghaus waterproof trousers have been replaced with newer but still the same design/ make waterproofs.

I do have to do a lot more walking training (nagging my self here!) and loads of work on the charity side of things.
other than that i think we're ready tho we still have 81 days till the start, seems like yesterday when I had 150 days to go! this time will fly!


  1. Looking forward to it Andy.

    How's Alfie doing - will he be carrying anything?

  2. Ooh! I see from your excellent Google Map thingy that you will be passsing the Rising Sun Inn just north of Alternun in Cornwall - an absolutely ace place and well worth a stop!


  3. Hi Andy
    Your are not alone still tinkering with kit, or needing more training, i still find long hike's leave my lower legs aching.
    As we've had something like a proper winter i'm hopeing for a proper spring, balmy days, mild nights and the occasional warm shower :).

  4. Hi John hi Alan!
    Alfie is fine blissfull ignorance!
    for once this is not a good thing! little fella misses out on the days and weeks of planning! luckily for him i'm his pack horse too, when he was young he broke his back leg and it was badly set so even tho it doesnt bother him I wont be making him carry panniers of dog food! 966 miles is enough i think!.
    Come to think of it i could have named the walk the "two lame ducks waddle"! with his dodgy leg and my asthma it would have been a fun title!.
    The concept of a warm spring John?! oh now thats just wishfull thinking! (all fingers crossed here too!)
    The christmas belly didnt make to big an appearance here but training is going backwards(I like the analogy!) at the most i have 20 walking days before the start! and god help the charity its still waiting on paypal funtionality before i publish my intent to the local press and get out the begging bowl ;).