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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Another LeDog

How great is this, we will be sharing the trail with another lejog man and dog duo!


Nice to know I'm not the only nutter!

Gyp and Pete will start they're lejog on the 14th of April so we will be sure to meet at some point,I hope!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I would love to bump into you but you start a few days before me and walk furter each day so it will be unlikely.
    I wonder if you could help me, Andy. I have saved my route on a spreadsheet (Google document) but do not know how to put a link in the side bar as you have done. I assume it is via "Add a Gadget" but how?
    Pete (and Gyp)

  2. Hi pete,
    go to your google docs page and copy the address for your document, then go into blogger dashboard and find the link list gadget give the gadget a name then write /paste your google docs web address into the add list item box, click add item and save.
    think thats how it works!

  3. Sorted! Thanks for your help at what must be a frantic time for you.
    I had not been giving the "New Site Name" and then meant that I could not add the link.
    Pete (and Gyp)