Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

One of two achieved

Well after a nice easy drive to lands end (thanks mum and peter for the lift!) We are finally here, we arrived early enough to get the picture taken at the first sign post, time will tell if we get the second but it will prove harder to get I think !. The transit verification form for the end to end club has its first stamp and now everything is in place for our 8.30 am start. while at lands end we met up with the mayor of penzance who was seeing a group of cyclists of for the start of their trip to great yarmouth so we stole the oportunity for a  photo  (will add this to the blog upon the return home) nice chap.
We are now at our hotel the commercial in st just, an excellent fish pie dinner has stoked the engines for tomorrows start and an early night is in store for us.
The walk still feels unreal even after all the planning and training a few days walking and this will resolve itself. the weather is excellent and looks set to stay good for tomorrow so we can count our blessings and await the morrow.

Day 1(added after completion!)
stunning sunshine for the start what more could you need?
oh yes beautiful scenery.....
All the training walks at home can't prepare you for coastal walking, i knew there was a good reason I hadn't walked a coastal path before, bloomin hard work!
I quickly headed in land and followed the quaint local roads to Treen where after a refreshing ice cream we headed back onto the coastal path at Penberth

(looking inland to a wheel used to land boats I presume)
(looking in the other direction!)
following the coast past St Loy the path blurs somewhat requiring a scramble over a barbed wire fence to get downhill thru woodland to the real path!
Another stop for refreshments at Lamorna bay (its very hot and the goings hard!) and round to Mousehole and the long drag around penzance bay to Marazion

 and our campsite Dove meadows.


  1. This is it Andy after months of planning the weather gods are smiling on LeJoger's, enjoy.
    Must say Alfie looks quite relaxed about the event.

    Cheers J.P.

  2. Excellent picture of the signpost and the sea looks lovely. Good to see Alfie is looking northwards! All the best for today, I've been thinking of you.

  3. All the very best of luck Andy (and Alfie, of course). The weather looks set to be fine for a while. Enjoy your trip of a life-time!