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Thursday, 15 April 2010

The dog is officially knackered!

Wednesday (d4)
We woke up nice and early and were enroute from our woodland wild camp by 7.30 a relatively warm night so both of our energies were high, a good thing too as 20 miles of mediocre road walking under grey skys was to follow, the highlights of the day consisted of a huge Bacon butty at a roadside cafe,followed by an ok meal at a pub in a town called Indian Queens, out of town we head over Castle an Dinas an old hill fort
you can just make out the earthworks in the pic (i hope)
as the walk ended at Ruthurn bridge we met an eccentric old chap with a garden full of ex millitary vehicals and two huge remote controlled boats each at least 5foot long which he had made himself one of which was a functioning submarine !.

Shortly we made it to the splendid ruthurn valley campsite, where we very quickly fell asleep!.
Day 5
Sadly our nights sleep was less than comfortable as temperatures dropped sharply below zero, this in combination with leg cramps from overworked legs has left us both tired today (thursday).
The scenery and landscape have been a balm for our tattererd energies as we plodded the 12 miles to St Brewards along the delightfully flat camel trail (top pic Alfie on the camel trail!)to the push up hill to the pub we now sit(me)/sleep(alfie) in,
Our planned days end is only 2 miles away wildcamping on bodmin moor at king Athurs Hall

so we taking advantage of every modcon a pub can give "hic!".
As the planned stop was a bit exposed we pushed on a further kilometer east to a sliver of woodland below Garrow tor.


  1. Claire Paterson15 April, 2010 16:31

    Hi Andy - we are all following your progress with interest and so glad we are all sitting in a warm office drinking lots of tea! We are a little worried about poor Alfie - I hope you purchased him the socks you were telling us about! Take care and wishing you better weather.
    Claire, Sarah and Jade at Alderwood

  2. Hi Bro :)

    Great pic of Alfie :) xx

    Always good to read your updates - and (only a big sis could say this!) your writing style is getting quite impressive! (Teacher head on there...inevitable as I've spent all day assessing children's writing! Rather be in your shoes!)

    Well done for coping with the hard or boring days and appreciating the quirky, pleasant and joyful ones.

    Hugs to both you and Alfie, and keep the posts coming - I check at least 5 times a day :)

    Lots of love,

    Judy xx

  3. Hi Mr Green and Black lol, have been checking out your blog everyday and your doing brilliantly, keep up the good work.
    P.S mum said it was a shame you weren't near a screw fix when you broke the tent pole lol
    Love Lisa, Denise and Romilly :-)

  4. Hope you find a sheltered spot tonight, for you both. I see the temp dropping well on the day temperature, so make sure you have a nice warm drink before you get in bed!

    also remember to "Stick to the path!" >sound effect: "Bone chilling howl!!"

    from not your mum!

  5. Hi Andy and Alfie, Good to hear your progress through the wild west country. Hope the high way men and masked bandits leave you alone. Why are you cold at night, you should be wearing your woolly draws and your vest. You know the saying, dont cast a clout till May is out.lol You might have an itchy arse but you will be warm. Be of good cheer,just think of me, smashing up bus'es as l have over the past couple of days. On me last warning. Thinking of you all the time (well it takes me mind off the crash's) Good luck Phil.

  6. Hello all thanks for the comments every one I read makes me smile and keeps home that bit closer, thanks :)