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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gallery of fellow nutters 1&2

The first two lejog walkers I've met.

Namely Peter and Chris.

Location : Launceston, Cornwall,


  1. Hi Andy - Chris in the photo is my Dad. He called to say he had met a chap called Andy with a dog called Alfie who said he was going to post his and Peter's photo on his blog. By the power of google I managed to find your blog and their photo. Good to see the old man is doing ok. if you see them again say hi from us! Good luck for the rest of your walk. Mags Saich

  2. & I'm Chris' other daughter, Helen. You did well to get him in a photograph but very glad you did. All the very best for your walk and say hi to Dad if you see him again. Helen George

  3. Hi Mags and Helen glad I could perform a comunity service ! LOL!
    If I see them again I'll pass on your hellos
    Thanks for your best wishes too !