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Friday, 23 April 2010

Launceston to sourton down

Today was a day of easy navigation almost one continuous straight line, this could have been really dull as the straight line in question turned out to be the old A30 now a b road the views were pleasant as the road crested then followed a ridgeway keeping us occupied when not dodging traffic! lunch time saw us taking a break at the blue lion in Lewdon where all the locals made us welcome till we headed off again with liquid pain killer for the feet nestling nicely in my belly!
The straight section continued to Bridestow where we joined the two castles trail through pleasant farm land to sourton down, enroute we encountered the most odd looking pub I've ever seen( see pic) half old mother Hubbard and half Dick turpin theme with black Bess rearing on top of the porch! Sadly it was yet to open will have to inspect more closely at a later date!.

The campsite was nice and as I set up for the night the neighbouring caravan owner walked over and gave me an ice cold beer to say hello!

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  1. Ho Bro

    Reading between the lines, are those feet struggling? Hope not, too much :(... Fingers crossed.

    Noticed Darryl's planning to join you for a whole week :) that's awesome!

    And you've got Dad online and almost functioning :) bless x x

    Good to see your posts again tonight. (and to chat to you t'other night!) Lots of love, Judy x