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Friday, 23 April 2010

A technical hitch!

Or it's OK we're not dead honest!
I've tried three times this week to restart the blogging but after every try the phone has reset itself! aargh!
Hope this will get through and I can play catch up for the last week!
Pressing send button now fingers crossed!


  1. So please to hear you are both ok. I check your blog when I check Pete's and was worried there was a problem. Pete has been having problems getting his blogs to load so you are not alone(the wonders of moderm technology). Anyway hope you are both still having fun (if thats the word) Take care Zoe Birch (pete and Gyp)

  2. Hey dude its Geoff from Alderwood the guy from resources. Hope all is well with your travelling and you are enjoying the fine weather we are having. Im so jealous would love to be travelling around the country and discovering losts of new and wonderful places. Takecare both of you.