Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Two of two or the end ! 15/6

Not sure what to say yet will update the end blog asap , but job done !

Ok about time this was done I think! (24/6!!!)

The day started with a quick walk into Wick where a great little Cafe allowed Alfie In!  John and I full fried breakfast later hit the road (A99) out of Wick to the road NE to Ackergillshore where as the tide was out we were able to clamber over the rocks below the pier , made a nice find here of a massive sea urchin. >

.A bit further along and Alfie nearly got an early supper of young Cormorant luckily he came away when called, and the bird just got a bit shocked!, John then put the bird into the sea where it swam out to a rock where its mother waited.
Just above the the bay is the Impressive Ackergill Tower, more of a castle really!
Here a path enables you to avoid the rocky coastline and we started to make better progress, the beach here is sublime! and next to no one else was here, for any one planning a similar route there is a river cutting through the beach into the sea but when we walked through it was only boot deep so no great problem.

Coming off of the beach at Keiss views along the coast show the impressive ruin of old Keiss castle, but as lunch called a drink was taken at the local hotel, before the A99 lead our feet for another 5 miles or so to Freswick, where the bay is fronted by the formidable Freswick house which dominates the bay.

The last hill totally obscures the view of end of the walk till the you get within the last mile or so, but i doubt anyone would be concerned as the views of the Orkneys (weather permitting) are astonishing!

John O'Groats itself is surprisingly large albeit well spread out, with the last kilometer taking you to the now boarded up Hotel where the official finish line is, Why has no one taken over this old Hotel? surely there's an investment here?, Meeting up with Ruth again here (after she had met us on the road near Freswick!) and with the end sign post photos taken, a celebratory beer was had at a hotel up the road where we met up with Chris (lejoger) who was staying at the hotel till he headed home tomorrow.

For me and Alfie a few nights in a large tent with all needs catered for Thanks Ruth!!! were bliss full tho it had to come to an end. so as promised we gave John a lift back to Stafford where he picked up his train and the M6 took us back to the midlands and home.

I suppose the question I've left unanswered is would i do it again? well the answer is certainly not no! but at the moment its not yes either!
 in time when my finances allow I may well reverse the route or find another (stirling looks good!(yes looking already!)) but for now i'm letting my knees recover they seem to be very stiff now that i'm relaxing more!, 
the feet? well i suppose i've been lucky as other than lots of silly little blisters they've been fine!.

At the start of the walk I weighed a whopping 14+ stone (ouch!) by the end I'm considerably more trim weighing in at 12.5 stone so its safe to say I lost two stone or one seventh of my body mass during this expedition, hope I can keep this weight!

Alfie has amazingly had no problems at all during the entire walk! the only thing to slow him down was hot days and a quick dunk in a river or trough soon sorted him out!.

Biggest challenge now for me is work, I dont have a lot ! so if anyone needs an Electrician................


  1. Well we know what to say, even if you don't!


    Everyone I know thinks you're a star*!

    (*Alfie, that is!)

    Well, you too I spose.. Now get back to work!

    ;o) Love you both!

    Must see you for a hug soon.

    J xxx

  2. well done andy, so proud of you and alfie again well done.

  3. Well done to both of you. What an achievement. Now have a well earned rest and start planning the next expedition!!!! (but don't tell Alfie! I've got a feeling when Pete gets Gyps lead out when they get home she'll run a mile! or at least hide)
    Love Zoe x

  4. Well done both! We have all loved reading your blogs and will miss the daily update. So plan the next one very soon or we will be so bored!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about all your adventures. Fantastic!!

    All your friends at Alderwood

  5. Well done Andy , Peter and I who last saw you in the pub in Dufton if you recall finished one day in front of you on Monday 14th June.Wher to next then ?? Best Wishes Chris

  6. John, Andy, Pete and Steve:

    Following your postings since April has become a part of my daily routine. Although you all walked a similar route under similar conditions, your daily reports were delightfully different. With John, Andy and Alfie having finished, and Steve, Pete and Gyp within a week or so of completion, I’m beginning to suffer withdrawals. The thought of not having your postings to look forward to leaves me with the same melancholy feeling I have at the end of a good movie – only more so.

    Congratulations to all of you on your awesome achievements, and thanks for sharing your wonderful blogs. I hope I can find something to fill the void left by their cessation.

    All the best.


  7. Congrats from the Williams Family!

  8. Pete says congratulations on reaching the finish and he hopes you've saved him some beer for when he arrives next week!!
    Gyp says she hopes Alfie has left her some sticks on the beach!

  9. Well done Pud!

  10. Congrats Andy & Alfie! It was great meeting you on the Tissington Trail what now seems so long ago. Has Alfie got an agent yet?

    Steve (currently in Helmsdale)

  11. ta steve made me laugh!
    dont think Alfie needs an agent tho he's far too much a paws on operator......ask anyone he met!

  12. Well done that man (and dog). Doing 1,000 miles in 64 days is a stunning effort. I'm expecting to take 75 days (at minimum) to do 1,250 miles, and I expect that the final figure will be in excess of 80 days.

    What's next? GR10?

  13. Well done, I'm sure you and Alfie had a great time xx (Nicky Ellis)

  14. Well done Andy and Alfie on your fantastic achievement!
    It is very difficult for others to understand how many problems are involved when taking a dog along with you but I am so glad that I took Gyp with me and I'm sure that you are glad that you had Alfie to look after you.
    I've had a quick look at your blog and I'm impressed. You seem to have found a better route than me at the end and did less road walking.
    Thanks for the supportive comments that you made on my blog and thanks also to Judy for her encouragement. (I think that Judy and Zoe enjoyed the walk just as much as we did)
    All the best for any future expeditions
    Pete and Gyp

  15. I must say that Alfie was like a lucky mascot! anyone we met (almost!) went a bit gaga over him!
    seem's to me that folk approach people with dogs more readily....nice
    I am glad I devised a light padlock and chain to secure him outside shops, tho having said that I didn't feel the need to use it in most of Scotland
    just in my England.......