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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Camera comparison

Under no circumstances should you think i'm a photographer, pure point and click is enough for me!
but as I've mentioned in an earlier post I'm no longer taking a camera other than the great camera (my opinion only!!) on my phone.
So after some training walks where I've been taking shots with both my camera and phone i thought it might be good to show the compared pictures, the wider/taller pics are from my phone and the squarer from my camera......

I wont put any opinions with the pics but if anyone wants to comment go for it!

I love macro shots when i'm walking a great view of the alien world under our noses! so i've also taken a few with my phone just to show it off!

I dont think they are a patch on my cameras ability to catch the macro world but i'm happy enough with them for Jogle!

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