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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Proof of point

I've been busy with some local walks to toughen my self up (sorely needed as it turned out!) and to test out my gear to see if its all working nicely together, it is, i wasn't! after a two day full pack worst case (weight wise) test, which i didn't complete due to blisters and old leaky boots! (my old lejog boots) I've been cutting some weight from my pack I've acquired another alpkit pipedream 400 which weighs in at 800 grams two thirds the weight of the sack i'd planned to take! and invested in a travel tap water filter bottle.
Naturally i wasn't going to just go walking the length of Britain without testing the filter on the travel tap bottle.
river Ise (stream really)
so off i go today to a local stream to get a good example of dirty water....As you can see fairly murky! so a good candidate for testing the bottle, the filter is supposed to be able to filter out all sorts of bacteria and viruses including anthrax!! also heavy metals, insecticides,herbicides, chemicals,water borne diseases and nasty flavours.

I filled the bottle through a cloth to remove any sediment as the instructions asked, and got some pretty clean pre filter water, though i suppose its what you cant see that you should be careful of!
pre filter
Both pictures where taken in exactly the same conditions and with the same camera and with only an inch of water in each identical glass, I think its pretty obvious which is the post filter water even without the pictures captions!

post filter
It goes without saying that this doesn't prove the water is clean, so I've drunk the clean water to test if its potable, i'm doing this in the full confidence that with organisations like Nato using these they've been thoroughly tested!

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