Walking 1004.9 miles from John O'Groats to Lands end in aid of Accommodation Concern! (starts august 3rd 2014)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day-39 jumping the border

Away from Allt Gymbyd rested but far from full, rations are next to none and just a few snacks to keep me going, other than wild fruit that is luckily I see plenty this morning, blackberry's, bilberry's,damsons and sloe so energy was enough.
My path away was following the Clewidian way which appears sparsely used and certainly indistinct, not a problem for long as I'm away from it and after hoping over a few A road's I meet another old friend the Offas dyke path, not been here for about ten years,how time flies! Following the way uphill through steep wood land of Llandegla forest then passing over the Marsh boardwalks of Cryn-y-brain I'm into a track leading to the world's end! This is actually an agricultural estate!.
Following the track around the valley of the estate I come across various check points for, as i found out later an 88 mile cycle race.
Leaving the road for the cycles I keep to the path that wends a precarious way along the scree of Eglwyseg mountain (pic), though even here I couldn't avoid mountain bikes as four of them tottered along this pretty dangerous path towards and past me as I hunker down on the scree to give them room.
At rock farm I rejoin the cycle race for a mile, so many cyclists passing mid race were wishing me luck and giving me the thumbs up! I guess quite a few have cycled the end 2 end!
Down into Llangollen I stop for a Sunday roast of lamb which finally restored my energy, provisions for tonight and new insoles for my boots and I head south up the steepest road I've walked yet! This could really benefit from being zig zagged! Over the top of the hill and down to Pontfadog to find another steep hill to sap my energy! But this is near the end of my day so through Craignant and up onto Sellatyn hill rejoining Offas dyke for a wild camp.

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  1. Was on Offa's Dyke myself on Sunday at Churchtown (in the dip in the Switchbacks). Lovely walk, hope your enjoying parts of it again