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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fridays late blog and today

Friday started of with the now usual routine of shaking ice off of the tent and walking a few miles before breakfast, this time was a bit unusual as breakfast was eaten at the highest point on bodmin moor at the summit of the unfortunately named Brown Willy,
 superb views all around with the moors to our selves we headed east blazing our own trail to the roads that linked us to launceston.
 this road section was again through tiny country lanes in beautiful sunshine and that gentle breeze keeping us cool, dinner was had at a pub (The Rising Sun Inn) enroute consisting of a nice bangers and mash followed by sticky toffee pudding.mmmmmm the last few miles saw us to our destination the thornbank guesthouse where we are now( Saturday) chilling out for our rest day.
 Pleasant town with a nice castle ruin in the middle, just had lunch here and am looking forward to doing nothing for the rest of the day ;)


  1. Whoa Bro :) Well done for making it to the first rest day - I'm sure you're all set for succeeding with the rest of the challenge now :)

    I'm trying to plot to drop by one weekend when you have a rest day, but that's looking a few weeks away yet, so don't start panicking yet :) I'll give you plenty of warning.

    Hope you got a really lovely rest today - it's been gorgeous weather here and hopefull it's been the same with you two too.

    Love to you both.

    Big sis xxx

  2. Hi Andy with help from my friend Ron I have finally sorted it.Hope the weather is still good and your feet are ok,hope Alfies leg is still ok and he is still happy.Let me know where you are staying tonight.Love Dad

  3. Hi Andy I forgot to mention I had to go to see the Diabetes Nurse this morning and she told me that she has two Border Terriers one twelve weeks old and one four years old,she got the puppy from a breeder near Earls Barton.How about that then! enjoy le jog.Dad xx

  4. Hey Pops!

    Congratulations on working out how to do this :) Pud's doing well isn't he :) Love you both! Judy xxx

  5. Hi Judy and Dave(Dad). Andy's not blogging much is he! I'll tell him off when I next speak to him, with hope I'll be meeting him next month and walk with him for a week, to give a bit of support to the Old Man.. Darrell

  6. Hi Judy and Daryl nice to hear from you both.Judy have Steve and Rob had their B/day cards ?.Isnt it a lovely day today more like spring,hope you are all O.K no colds etc.love to you all.Dadxxx.Hi Daryl have not seen you for a few years,hope you are keeping well regards Dave.Andy and Alfie hope you have good weather and your feet are OK Love Dadxxx